NWMP Musical Ride

Please be advised that due to the nature of the NWMP Musical Ride, some cancellations may occur depending on the weather and arena conditions.  Please call the Fort for the current ride status. (403.553.4703)


According to the RCMP and historic records, the first recorded display of the NWMP riding performance, under the direction of Sergeant Major Belcher – and with no public in attendance – took place at Fort Macleod, Alberta in 1876. Training for and performing the Musical Ride provided relief for the officers from the daily drill periods and routine duties.
Although The Fort does supply RCMP and Official Musical Ride merchandise in the Gift Shop, the Fort Museum’s NWMP Musical Ride is not the official RCMP Musical Ride, nor are the riders members of the RCMP.
Are you interested in being a special part of the Musical Ride during your visit?  Check out our Groom-a-Horse program!
“There is some talk at HQ of organizing the Force’s best horsemen into something to be called The Musical Ride. This is taking the form of a sort of equine Roger de Coverley, and I fear that I may have been responsible for starting the madness. One day at Dufferin my horse was startled into a gallop by a somewhat embarrassing noise and I inadvertently rode with my eyes closed right through a line of lancers without hitting anyone, then reined my horse around, lost control, and went pell-mell through them again. Some fool saw the intersection as clever, when put to music.” – Frances Dickens, Swan River Barracks, Manitoba September 25, 1875