Groom A Horse

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Are you horse crazy? Do you know someone who is? The Fort Museum has a program for you!

For only $35.00, which includes the participant’s admission, you can have the opportunity to participate in the Red Serge VIP Groom-a-Horse Porgram!  The Groom-a-Horse Program is designed for visitors ages 5 and up, and is both fun and educational.

Program participants will be guided, by their very own Mounted Patrol escort, through the process of getting a horse ready for the Musical Ride performance. Participants will not only learn about horse grooming and care, but also about local and NWMP history.

The fun doesn’t stop there! After the horse is made ready for the ride, the participant will get to perform the honorary inspection of the regiment, followed by VIP seating to watch their mount and escort perform the Musical Ride. At the conclusion of performance a special presentation is made to the participant to commemorate their visit!



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