The March of the Redcoats

The March of the Redcoats play May and June but seating is not guaranteed as school groups have priority seating.


Level: All Grades
Time: 3 hours

The program will start with a live theater production introducing Col. James Macleod, Jerry Potts, and Chief Crowfoot. (35 minutes)

The students will then be divided into 3 groups within the Fort for the first of 3 interactive activities. (45 minutes each)

Historical Scenario Examples

Jerry Potts

Students will learn how the NWMP were taught to survive on the harsh prairies.

The Whiskey Trade

Students will pretend to be whiskey traders and police officers, reenacting the capture, arrest, and trial of the whiskey traders.

New Year’s Ball

Students are invited to a New Year’s dance where they will learn Scottish dances.

Treaty 7

Students are invited to hear Red Crow and Crowfoot discuss their view of Treaty 7.

Other Scenarios include working in the stables, preparing for the journey to Blackfoot crossing, Drill Practice, and First Nation’s games.  All can be adjusted to appropriate age and grade levels.

Booking Tips
-Please Book at least 2 weeks in advance
-programs require the full time stated
-recommended to add 30 minutes to allow students time to look through the museum or gift shop, as well as 10 minutes before and after visit for loading and unloading the bus.
-Price includes admission for the day
-Please have name tags for students
-Please discuss Museum rules with your group.

How to book
-Please call 403-553-4703
-Have the following ready:
-Preferred date of visit and 2nd Choice
-Preferred time
-Title of Program wanted
-School Phone and Fax numbers
-Teacher email address
-Number of students and Chaperones
-Any Special needs or food allergies
-Payment can be made by Visa, Master Card, Debit, cash, or School cheque.

Due to the limited space in our theatre room, and in order to keep within fire regulations and to maintain the safety and comfort of you and our actors, we are asking that groups limited to 50 children for a times slot.  If your group is larger than 50, we ask that you book an entire day.  Please contact the office for program options for large class sizes.
We also ask that bookings be strict as to the designated time-frames of the morning block of 9:00-12:00 and afternoon block of 1:00-4:00.   Groups that arrive later than 9:00 will only have until 12:00 for their booking, and groups that need to leave earlier than 4:00 will only be able to start at 1:00.  Our program-team is more than willing to work within the allotted time slot, to customize your activities to fit within your scheduled times, but please note that some activities may be shortened or removed.  Please let us know your preferred scenarios when booking if you will have a shorter visit
Please note:  We will split larger class sizes into groups to allow the best possible interaction and experience.  Approximate times are for programs only, if you wish to give children time to visit our gift shop, or explore more of the museum, please allow for more time in the busing schedule. Large groups are not permitted into the gift shop and must be split into smaller groups of no more than 15 students.
You are welcome to bring lunch to the site.  Your class can eat on the grassed or canteen area outside the Museum.  In case of inclement weather, you will be directed to an indoor location.  Waste containers will be provided to assist you with clean up after your meal.  There are also confection items available in the gift shop.


The Play

“The March of the Redcoats” is a live theater production and is a fun, entertaining depiction of Fort Macleod history. Based on facts, and intertwined with folktales of local historical figures in southern Alberta, such as Jerry Potts and Chief Crowfoot of the fierce Blackfoot tribe, it brings to life characters only read about in books.
The newly created North West Mounted Police (NWMP) began a months-long journey on horse and wagon, leaving a fort called Dufferin, in Manitoba in July 1874. This caused a stir among the western prairie regions of what is now southern Alberta and northern Montana. The business out west was whiskey and guns. Furs were the currency and the main consumers in the area were the Native people.
Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 4.14.18 PM
The NWMP had a mission to break up this deadly yet very lucrative business of whiskey trade, with Fort Whoop Up being the first on a list of many to be shut down, simply because it had the worst reputation.  Violence and lawlessness marked the west in those days.
Word of this great march reached the people in the area, and the reaction was mixed. Much of the traders felt threatened while many of the Blackfoot leaders felt grateful for the police getting rid of the foul traders. Still, many tribal members did not trust the red coated riders, and the west remained volatile.
These are the days in which this production depicts, times of uncertainty and adventure when a man or a woman could truly prove their courage and greatness. This production is the journey of a group of people who changed the world more than they knew, and the proof is all around us.


*Again please be advised that we cannot guarantee seating or showing for the “March of the Redcoats” for the general public!




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